Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just when things were looking up....

...... POW! Right in the kisser. With this whole exposure of the Madoff scheme the stock market has taken another hit. In a time when it is already on its knees. They expect there to be losses around 50 Billion. When reading about bailouts and fraud in such large amounts its hard to even fathom the amount a Billion is much less 50 Billion. And this one guy just managed to fuck over all the social elite and rich and powerful. Well i guess the people on the bottom can stop whining how everything bad always happens to them.

The auto industry. Seriously this shit is getting old. Give them money or don't. These Unions from what i have been reading are in part responsible for the issues the auto companies have. By forcing the companies to pay increase wages and with more benefits instead of allowing the market to allow them to equal out with foreign companies that have factories here you created a business structure that loses more money than it makes. And when asked to make concessions in wages to make them competitive with foreign companies that produce here the Union dig their heels in and claim that the government is trying to step on workers rights. its bullshit let things be fair in the most possible way. let the market sort it out.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Left Complain and Stocks Rise.

I consider myself to be moderate as I am sure how most of America feels. And alot of the time I feel like we are forced into choosing extreme sides when our own views might not necessarily be that extreme. So it seems like alot of the time our country is split into a war bickering with itself. The point I am getting to is that recent the Extreme Liberal left has been complaining saying they have been felt left out of Obamas cabinet appointments and such. To me it seems like these people love to complain. And now that they don't have a republican to complain about they complain Obama being more moderate. Well what the fuck. Even if he is to moderate for your tastes he is defiantly going to be better than George W. IN the end you cant make all the people happy all of the time so make the right people happy some of the time and you are good.

Stocks have been on the rise and recently hit a new high from the slump they have been. Alot of people credit this on Obamas economic appointments and with her planned stimulus package that will create alot of jobs. Stocks are rising and lets see if we can people borrowing and loaning money again and we might be good. Lets hope things continue to look good.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Auto Bailout Take 2

Different take on the auto bailout. I have done some reading about people who oppose the auto bailout. And i have got to say some of their reasoning is sound. One thing is that this break down and failing of the auto industry has been coming for a long ways off. With bad business models and bad investments and loosing more money than they were making since the 90's. Also while a bailout would save jobs in the short run in the long run it would not help anything. I mean if the ship is sinking and you pump out 1/3 of the water in the ship you only bought the ship more time you haven't fixed anything. If the business fail new ones will replace them. Now i am not completely opposed to the idea of a bailout. but if they did i feel like the government would have to demand a DRASTIC REMODELING of the company.

If we give them one now when and where will it stop?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cruel to be Kind

Obama has been talking alot about his Economic plans. And to be honest it makes me feel kinda hopeful. I feel as if for the past couple years we have been detached from our government. Everything seems just to have been going downhill after 9/11. And now before things bottom out we might get the chance to bounce back better and stronger. It will cost alot of money and put us further into to debt but you have to spend money to make money. The only question is when you are making money if you are smart enough to pay off the money you borrowed. Obama has surrounded himself with some very smart economics people to. His appointment of Paul Volcker to the head of his "presidental special economic advisment board" is a good thing. Volcker sometimes was critised and disliked by the public because of his increasing of interest rates. If you have to do it to fix the economy do it and fuck the people they often dont know what it takes to fix things. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

And whats the deal with these mother fuckers in India attacking American and British tourists. Thats really fucked up/ I thought we were finished with these terrorist assholes. The issue with fighting them is they move across borders of countries working independtly. And with America trying to hunt them down its definatly an issue of stepping on other countries toes. So once again progress gets tangled in beurocracy. Ridiculous.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Citi Bank and The Economy

The economy is bad we all know that. The government seems to be handing out money left and right to try to stop the downward spiral we seem to be in. It was announced that they are giving Citi Bank 300 Billion to help ease their situation and to try to bring stability. What i don't understand is why Citi? What about free trade? Thats rather unfair to all its competitors. I also feel like it does not send a positive message. Just because Citi is the biggest they get they most help to me that sends a message of "go ahead make as many bad loans and decisions as you want and as long as you are the biggest if it all comes tumbling down the Government will help" I don't thank that right at all. And now bailouts are being thought about by all sorts of people cities are requesting them and Networks are now thinking of possibly requesting one. Dear god where will it end?

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."
-Thomas Jefferson

This week is supposed to a be a big week for the market. Hopefully with the announcement of Obama's appointment to economic positions and cabinet positions will bolster faith in the market and encourage people to invest more. I have been looking over the people Obama has in line to appoint to the positions and they seem like some smart guys. He has also been keeping his word and working with conservatives and liberals alike. This is shown by his expected choice for director of the National economic Council Lawrence Summers.Who is widely considered to be conservative. He has plenty of experience and despite some controversy is considered to be very intelligent capable advisor. One thing that all economists agree on is a big economics stimulus package for the economy which democrats say they will present to Obama on his first day in office. Which the stimulus package has to be done with will only increase deficit spending and the national debt. Which has gotten really out of control. I hope things work out well this stimulus package restarts the economy and we can get our shit straight and start reduceing the national debt and finally get a balanced budget.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pirates and the Issue of the Treasury

I think those pirates who stole that oil tanker finally pissed off the right people. As NATO ships are now moving on the area controlled by the pirates. Now I don't know if they are just going to be hanging out waiting for the pirates to leave their ports or if they will actually make a move. I hope they make a move all they are doing is hiding in Somalia doing whatever they want. And there is no government control to stomp them out. So I think NATO should take it one step further and just fire bomb the fuckers and be done with it. Then next time people wont be so eager to start stealing ships and ransoming them back.

Well it looks like Clinton has accepted the nomination for secretary of the state. Lets hope things go well for us. Lets also hope that Obama is smart enough to not focus all of his attention on the economy. And wont let Clinton run wild running around the globe. Keep a close eye.

Obama has appointed as Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner which i think is a smart move. He seems to know what he is talking about and has plenty of experience and knowledge int he field. And wall street has faith in him where after it was announced that he was to be Treasury Secretary Stocks rose. If anybody can fix this crisis people seem to have faith Tim Geithner can.

I feel things are looking good for Pres Elect Obama he seems to be off to a good start and has received praise from both Democrats and Republicans. I have faith this country can overcome its party divides and work together for the better.

And Lastly on what i would liek to call a wtf note i am linking this:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Planses Trains and PLantains

Have you guys heard about this thing with pirates? Whats the deal with that? Dont we live in a modern time i mean re they drinking rum and fondling wenches or what? It is pretty wild that we live in a day and time were pirates can go to sea and capturee tankers full of oil or grain and then ransom them back to the people who they stole them from. Some one shoudld o something. If left unchecked it will happen more and mroe and it will cause the cost of anything being shipped over seas to rise. Which is not good.

Have you heard about the crazy shit they are doing with medicine these days? This woman had a treachea and windpipe grown for her using her own stem cells. The then inplanted them in her and they have been working fine. Are you kididng people why are we not funding this?

Obamma is the big talk of the town these days with his cabinet appointments. It looks like he might be keeping his word when talking about forming a cabinet of rivals where it is beleived that Obamma will ask current secretary of Defense Gates to stay on and serve under him during his presidency. Gates has yet to confirm if he will. He has also appointed Eric Holder as his attorney general. This makes another first as being the first black man ot be appointed tot he job. I just hope he hassent done anything that will completly fuck us over. Anyway More tommorow.